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The approach to Osteopathy practised by our Osteopaths is based on the concept of structure and function unity. It views the body as the organisation or orchestration of physiological signals producing the potential for self-regulation and repair. Manual osteopathic intervention applied with skill, knowledge and care is intended to support the body changes.

Yoga for Women's Health

The approach to yoga practiced by Lynn Murphy combines practical elements such as movement, the breath and touch, as well as helping to facilitate discussion and awareness of body changes, so as to empower all women on their life journey.


Five Element Acupuncture, practised by our acupuncturists, aims to balance the flow of energy within, working on body, mind and spirit, by addressing the energy imbalance which lies at the root of many physical disorders and conditions of emotional distress. Some people may have acupuncture as a preventative measure to strengthen their constitution, or because they feel unwell in themselves without being “ill” in the western sense. It can also be used alongside conventional medicine in the treatment of both acute and chronic conditions

Our Fees

Osteopathy (Initial and follow up session last up to 45 minutes): £85

Osteopathy (Mother and Baby appointment): £140

Holistic Pelvic Care™ (60 minutes): £90

Holistic Pelvic Care™ (90 minutes): £140

Concessions upon requests

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