Sebastien De Sa Neves Da Rocha

DO BSc Hons Ost DPO PGCertHE
Brought up in a French home where nutrition, yoga and healing therapy were a way of life. Sebastien grew up with the awareness that health is central to wellbeing.

The anthroposophy of the educational approach of Rudolf Steiner acquainted Sebastien with the possibility that science, art and spiritual practice are interdependent. Later on, osteopathy further nourished the notion of continuum. Its philosophy and practice illustrated the principle that mind, body and spirit express as a whole within human beings.

Having studied at the prestigious European School of Osteopathy, Sebastien developed a passion for working with the human body, supporting the inner healing forces in their continuous effort to maintain homeostatic balance and optimal health.

The vibrant city of London has been home to his osteopathic practice over the last ten years, where Sebastien gained valuable experience thanks to the inspiration, help and support of his mentors (Hedwig Verdonk and colleagues at the Tufnell Park osteopathic practice), teachers (Osteopathic Centre for Children), therapist colleagues (Lynn Murphy at the Active Birth Centre) and workshop team mates.

The teaching experience gave Sebastien the opportunity to share his knowledge and skills with osteopaths in South America. He was invited at AESOPLAT in Peru in 2014 and 2016, and subsequently at Colegio brasileiro de Osteopata in Brazil in 2017 to teach osteopathic principles and techniques, and paediatric osteopathy. ​

Combining structural, functional, visceral and cranial approaches, Sebastien believes that the osteopath is both a physician and an artist who looks after the rich, complex and wonderful engineering of the human body.

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