Lynn Murphy

Pre- Post- Natal Yoga
Lynn’s relationship with yoga began 35 years ago. From the start it became and remains the thread that runs through her life, a tool to navigate the different transitions we go through, at certain key moments in life, such as the one into Motherhood. After the birth of her own two children her yoga training began in 1995-97, at the Active Birth Centre, specialised in yoga for the pre & postnatal period.

Lynn also trained with and worked alongside Peter Walker in baby massage and baby yoga. She is the Co-director and a senior teacher at the Active Birth Centre in North London, running classes & trainings for the pre & postnatal period and general yoga. Through the simplicity of touch, yoga and the breath alongside openhearted dialogue and discussion women can discover their mothering skills.

Her yoga teaching is Scaravelli inspired; she focuses on the deep intelligence of the body that is within all of us. Believing that if we look carefully enough with attentive guidance we will find movement that resonates from our very core allowing us to undo years of held patterns.

Lynn’s Postnatal Baby & Me training for practitioners, focuses on the early months after birth, it is drawn from her experience and extensive knowledge of over two decades of working with new mums and babies. This training is to help fill a gap that is to often there in the support of new families in present times. It includes massage that is appropriate for babies in the early months and body work and recovery for new mothers as well as looking at developing the teachers role at this time.

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